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Springfield Hellcat

The Best 5 Springfied Hellcat Optic Sights

Springfield Armory also offers the Hellcat with OSP options. OSP stands for Optical Sight Pistol. This version allows electronic optics to be added directly to the slide. The result is a means for low-mounting a micro-optic that will allow co-witnessing with the pistol’s excellent U-Dot sights.

These guns’ slide are made to fit the Springfield Micro footprint, which is 100% compatible the Shield RMSc optical footprint. The Springfield Micro footprint is the standard micro-optics for thin carry pistols.

You, like me, wanted the best red dot for mounting on your Hellcat. Let’s take a look at some options and then I’ll share my personal pick for my daily carry Hellcat.

HEX Wasp

If you want a red dot optic that is designed to work perfectly with the Hellcat, the HEX Wasp is the clear choice.

Designed by Springfield Armory, the HEX line of optics are rugged reflex sights that match the size and styling of the company’s guns. An ideal example is the Wasp.

The HEX Wasp attaches to the Hellcat OSP slide. This gives the sight a low profile. This red dot, when combined with the relief cut at rear of Wasp, can be used in conjunction with factory U-Dot sights.

Springfield produces the Wasp body using 6061-T6 aluminum and an hardcoat anodized finish. It is not only durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear but also resists corrosion.

Unlike other optics that are cheaply made, the HEX Wasp uses high-quality glass to provide optical clarity. The lens is coated with coatings that protect it from scratches and glare.

The aiming dot is an 3.5 MOA red dot. The Wasp has a sensor that adjusts the brightness to match the surrounding conditions. This ensures that the sight is always on, so there’s no delay in getting to your target. With regular use, the battery life is approximately two years.

Springfield Armory lists hexwasp at $299 The HEX Wasp is a great value for money. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. This makes it a “best buy”.

JP Enterprises JPoint

JP Enterprises is well-known in precision shooting and competition markets. They are known for building and selling high quality firearms. A pair of compact red dots style sights will be mounted to the Hellcat’s RMSc optical footprint.

Called the JPoint, the sight is available with either a 4 MOA or 8 MOA red aiming point and is considered by some to be one of the best Springfield Hellcat optics available. The aiming dot is projected by an LED, not a laser. This eliminates the risk of eye injury. The 98% light transmission rate of the acrylic lens is hard-coated.

These sights weigh less than 1 ounce, so you can add them to your Hellcat without having to increase your weight. The optic is made of glass-reinforced polymer nylon and can withstand more than 5000g of recoil force. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -13°F to 130°F.

The sights are powered by a single CR2032 AA battery and have an ambient light sensor to adjust the aiming dot. According to the company, the battery life should last between 6 and 12 months in normal usage. For the same reason, I recommend that you change your batteries every six months.

The sights start at $299 and can be used with any sized aiming dot. JP Enterprises offers a lifetime warranty on the JPoint. This warranty can be transferred to a second owner.

best springfield hellcat optics

SMSc Shield Sights

The Shield Sights SMSc, a polymer-bodied variant of the aluminum Shield RMSc, is available. It is the perfect size for the Hellcat and was the first micro-sized sight on the market. This is why so many pistols are equipped with the SMSc.

The sights are made of a lightweight polymer that is both durable and light. The internal LED projecting a 4-MOA aiming dot onto a quartz-coated lens allows you to quickly get on target.

Shield Sights designed SMSc so that it can operate in constant-on mode. This means it is always available to go. The automatic brightness adjustment system ensures that the aiming point is bright enough to meet the conditions.

According to the company, a single CR2032 CR2032 battery will power the unit for up to two to three years. The dot is usually only minimally powered due to the fact that it can be carried and stored. According to the company, an average user will get at least four years of use from a single battery. I recommend that you pick a date from the calendar, and then change the battery once per year. Batteries are quite affordable, so you don’t want to lose your sight because you wanted to save some pennies.

The Shield Sights SMSc offers great value at a cost of $299 This price includes everything needed to zero and install the sight. A battery is also included.

Swampfox Sentinel

Swampfox, a young and scrappy company, is worth a visit if you don’t know anything about its products. The Sentinel is the company’s micro red dot that perfectly complements the Hellcat.

Sentinel is constructed using the best materials and construction techniques. The body is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and finished with a hardcoat finish. Swampfox uses an LED emitter that has a real glass lens to provide exceptional optic clarity. The glass’ multi-coating coating repels water, reduces fogging and resists scratching. This is a huge advantage for any Springfield Hellcat red dot.

Swampfox offers two types of sight. The other is the standard Sentinel, which has manual controls. The constant-on model automatically adjusts brightness for the 3 MOA dot. The light sensor detects ambient lighting conditions and matches the aiming points to the environment.

In my testing, automatic adjustments occurred quickly. The sight was able to adapt quickly to changing lighting conditions. The aiming dot was always clearly visible.

Swampfox lists the retail price at $279-$299, depending on which model you choose. You also get a warranty covering the optic for up to 50,000 rounds of live firing. It offers great value for money and excellent performance.

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Trijicon RMRcc

Trijicon optics is the name that people trust. Trijicon is a trusted name in optics, making rugged night sights and military rifle optics.

Trijicon’s entry in the micro-red dot sight market is the recently launched RMRcc. The RMRcc is a continuation of the RMR line handgun optics. It promises outstanding durability and lifetime service.

Although the optic’s footprint is not compatible with Hellcat OSP slide cuts, the company offers an adapter mount that fits into the rear sight’s slot. Trijicon makes two versions of this sight. The first uses a 3.25 MOA aim dot, while the second uses a 6.5MOA dot. Both versions work identically.

RMRcc has a constant-on design that includes eight brightness settings. Two of these are suitable for night-vision equipment. A single CR2032 cell should be sufficient to power the sight for four years in a medium setting, according to company testing.

Trijicon lists both models at $699 retail. This makes it the most expensive micro-red dot sight on the list. However, the RMRcc comes with a lifetime warranty. The RMRcc is the perfect choice if you ever wanted an RMR for your Springfield Hellcat.

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